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How much carbon dioxide can we emit?

BLOG: Despite the complexity of the climate system, there is a rather simple relationship between the long-term temperature increase and the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted. Why, then, is there no clear answer to how much we can emit?

Third year of near-zero growth in Chinese CO2 emissions – Will it last?

Chinese coal consumption dropped for the third year in a row in 2016, while CO2 emissions grew only slightly. But uncertainty is high and the longer-term trend still unclear.

We can still keep global warming below 2℃ – but the hard work is about to start

Last year we found that the growth in global fossil fuel emissions have stalled over the past three years. But does this mean we are on track to keep global warming below 2℃, as agreed under the 2015 Paris Agreement?

Making sense of future climate

Did you believe only science fiction deal with futuretypes? Well, think again. A bunch of real scientists is carving out possible futuristic climate scenarios right now, and if you live in Norway, they might be zooming in on your hometown.