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ACT - Public responses to climate policy instruments

ACT will establish the first scientifically based annual survey tracking Norwegians’ attitudes and actions in response to climate policy instruments.


This research project investigates how we can encourage consumers to buy the most energy-efficient appliances, houses and cars. Can information on monetary savings guide us towards greener purchases?

Rapid Response for Energy and Climate Policy Analysis

The world today is moving fast and so are user needs. Research projects can take years to develop and get funded, but many research questions in climate policy are relevant on short time scales. We believe there is an opportunity to fill a research niche answering contemporary policy challenges through synthesis of current knowledge and through fusion of existing data and methods.

Norwegian Dairy and Meat climate footprints

This project reviews the current literature on meat, milk and dairy, with a special focus on Norway. To understand differences in reported emissions, we explain the variation in methodological approaches such as division over co-products, functional unit selection, and system boundaries