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World Bank appraisal mission to Poland May 31 to June 11, 1993. The GEF Coal-to-Gas Conversion Project

Selrod, Rolf, Sørensen, Erik (Report;1994:07)

These two reports (R1994-07 & R1994-08) were written for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of our participation in the World Bank Appraisal Missions to initiate two practical demonstration projects for possible future Joint Implementation projects. The papers give a background and de...

Joint Implementation under the Climate Convention: Phases, options and incentives

Hagem, Cathrine, Ringius, Lasse, Selrod, Rolf, Asbjørn Torvanger, Hans Asbjørn Aaheim, Jan S. Fuglestvedt (Report;1994:06)

The aim of this report is to analyze the conditions under which Joint Implementation (JI) can contribute to a costeffective abatement of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. JI refers to policies and measures implemented jointly by Parties to reduce net GHG emissions contributing to meeting their...

Responses in tropospheric chemistry to changes in UV fluxes, temperatures and water vapour densities

Jonson, J. E., Wang, Wei-Chyung, Isaksen, Ivar S. A., Jan S. Fuglestvedt (Report;1994:05)

A two-dimensional chemistry/transport model of the global troposphere is used to study the chemical response to i) increased UV-radiation from stratospheric ozone depletion and ii) increased temperatures and water vapour densities that follow from in-creased levels of greenhouse gases. Increased UV...

Climate, air pollution and energy in Hungary

Hans Martin Seip, Haugland, Torleif, Bándi, Gyula, Aunan, Kristin, Matlary, Janne Haaland, Szlávik, János, Hans Asbjørn Aaheim, Tajthy, Tihamér, Tajthy, Edith (Report;1995:02)

Within five to ten years, Hungary will have to design an overall environmental policy. In the meantime, Hungarian decision makers have an opportunity to make preparations in order to meet domestic as well as global environmental challenges without having to pay too much. The report discusses the mai...

Fuel substitution in Amazonia: Feasibility study to investigate future options for Joint Implementation projects between Brazil and Norway

Moreira, José Roberto, Corrêa, Francisco, Selrod, Rolf, Sjur Kasa, Asbjørn Torvanger (Report;1995:01)

The motives behind this study, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is to increase our experience and knowledge of possible future Joint Implementation projects. The study demonstrates some opportunities for fuelswitching from diesel to biomass in the power generation sector in Bra...

Forventede klimaendringer og effekter i Norge med mulig betydning for kraftforsyningen

Innbjør, Linda, Jære, Lisbet (Report;2009:09)

Betydningen av CF4 og C2F6 som klimagasser

Isaksen, Ivar S. A. (Policy Note;1991:01)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Outline of an assessment

Skodvin, Tora, Knut H. Alfsen (Policy Note;2010:01)

Elements for an Agreement on Climate and Energy Technology Development (ACT!)

Eskeland, Gunnar S., Dovland, Harald, Knut H. Alfsen (Policy Note;2008:01)

An International Regulatory Framework for Risk Governance of Carbon Capture and Storage

Vajjhala, Shalini, Gode, Jenny, Asbjørn Torvanger (Policy Note;2007:01)

CO2 capture and storage (CCS) in geological structures and its possible risks have been topics of extensive study in recent years. In contrast, the legal and regulatory structures necessary to support widespread capture and long-term, secure storage have received far less attention. This essay seeks...