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  • Politically Feasible Renewable Energy Development: The Role of Public Acceptance. The over-arching task of this project is to study the political feasibility of the low carbon energy policy transition initiated by the EU. In order to adopt and implement efficient policies at the regional, national and local level, public acceptance for policy change will be crucial.
  • Power from the People? Driving forces and hindrances We address the driving forces and barriers for households in Norway to become producers of electricity which is made possible by smart grids and smart meters, allowing energy users not only to consume energy, but also to generate energy and feed this into the grid.
  • ClimateFood - Climate transitions in the Norwegian food system How can the Norwegian food production - consumption system be changed towards sustainable production of more climate friendly food? This overarching question targets opportunities for climate change adaptation and emission reductions, but also looks for co-benefits for, and stronger links between, producers and consumers.
  • Klimavalg 2017 CICERO skal levere kunnskap til klimadebattene under valgkampen 2017.
  • ACT - Folks respons på virkemidler for utslippskutt ACT skal utvikle den første forskningsbaserte, årlige undersøkelsen av nordmenns respons på politiske virkemidler for å redusere klimagassutslipp, både holdninger og handlinger.

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