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The Himalayan Climate and Water Atlas

Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in Five of Asia’s Major River Basins

Slower global emissions growth driven by Chinese economic adjustment

Global carbon dioxide emissions grew at their slowest level outside of economic crisis in 2014 with a drop in global emissions possible in 2015. The changes are driven primarily by economic adjustments in China and may mark the beginning of a period of slower emissions growth.

Putting numbers on Norwegian climate finance flows

In 2014, Norwegian public support for climate action in developing countries amounted to 1 billion USD. This is the conclusion of a report written by CICERO for the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. Yet insufficient reporting systems make it difficult to track the private sector contribution.

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Selected projects

Developing tools for cost-benefit analysis of regional adaptation in Europe

ToPDAd or Tool-supported policy development for regional adaptation provides a comprehensive assessment of regional, national, and EU-level adaptation needs, strategies and policies.

Future Narratives

Future Narratives is a collaboration between Nordland Research Institute (NRI), CICERO, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), and the Kola Science center (KSC).

Natural and Anthropogenic influence on Precipitation and EXtreme events

Precipitation is arguably the most direct link between the climate and human society. 

Practical Approach to an Assessment of Contributions for the 2015 Agreement

In 2013, Parties to the United Framework Convention on Climate Change were invited to prepare and communicate their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) under a 2015 international climate change agreement.

Centre for International Climate and Energy Policy (CICEP)

CICEP is one of three centres for social science based research on environment-friendly energy established by the Research Council of Norway in 2011.

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