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Not All Grass is Green

Is our appetite for meat part of the climate problem? Can it be the solution? A study sheds new light on the old discussion about pastorals and sustainability.

No single pathway to the sustainable development space

Thirty years ago, the UN report Our Common Future placed sustainable development firmly on the international agenda. A new and ambitious book, The Imperatives of Sustainable Development, takes the ethical foundations of Our Common Future and builds a model that emphasizes three equally important moral imperatives: satisfying human needs, ensuring social justice, and respecting environmental limits.

Human health under threat by extreme heat and air pollution

Extreme heat and high levels of air pollution create a major and immediate threat to human health. How should climate research respond?

CICERO rates world’s largest bank

The world's largest bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, has chosen CICERO to review its first green bond.

Clarification on recent press coverage of Nature Geoscience paper

A number of articles have asserted that our recent study in Nature Geoscience indicates that global temperatures are not rising as fast as predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and hence that action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is no longer urgent. Both assertions are false.

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Public Attitudes Toward Climate Policies: The Effect of Institutional Contexts and Political Values

Marianne Aasen, Arild Vatn

Combining large model ensembles with extreme value statistics to improve attribution statements of rare events

Sebastian Sippel, Daniel A. Mitchell, Mitchell Black, Andrea J. Dittus, Luke Harrington, Nathalie Schaller, Friederike E. L. Otto

Quantifying black carbon deposition over the Greenland ice sheet from forest fires in Canada

Jennie L. Thomas, Christopher M. Polashenki, Amber J. Soja, Louis Marelle-Sebrechts, Kimberley Casey, Hyun-deok Choi, Jean-Christophe Raut, Christine Wiedinmyer, Louisa K. Emmons, Jerome D. Fast, Jacques Pelon, Kathy S. Law, Mark G. Flanner, Jack E. Dibb

Cross-polar transport and scavenging of Siberian aerosols containing black carbon during the 2012 ACCESS summer campaign

Jean-Christophe Raut, Louis Marelle-Sebrechts, Jerome D. Fast, Jennie L. Thomas, Bernadett Weinzierl, Kathy S. Law, Larry K. Berg, Anke Roiger, Richard C. Easter, Katharina Heimerl, Tatsuo Onishi, Julien Delanoë, Hans Schlager

Improvements to the WRF-Chem 3.5. 1 model for quasi-hemispheric simulations of aerosols and ozone in the Arctic

Louis Marelle-Sebrechts, Jean-Christophe Raut, Kathy S. Law, Larry K. Berg, Jerome D. Fast, Richard C. Easter, Manish Shrivastava, Jennie L. Thomas